It’s the end of another weekend where the two of us have been able to buckle down, look at our endless list of characters and very quickly had our idea shattered of ever being done with the discussion of our lot. We always tell ourselves, okay, this is the last time! We will get them all right, they are all in the right place. We’ve positioned them where they need to be, so they can play their part in all of this.. only to find out that they’re far better placed in a different realm.. Oh and that partner you exchanged for someone else and decided to try and scrap? Yeah no, she has to come back like yesterday

I’m fairly certain that we could write books upon books, on the sheer roller coaster ride that this creative project has been and that’s just from where we’ve got to now. I’m not even talking about anything that is yet to come because if I know us, and if I know our brainchildren, one of us is going to bed tonight, and lay there wide eyed and unable to sleep because maybe, just maybe this other person could work well in a different realm? It seems like a little change, we just move one character, or maybe even two. It will be fine.

It’s not as simple as that. Change has effect, whether it’s out here with us in the real world, or change born of imagination. What works well for one character, might damage the other, and suitable additional changes have to be made to compensate for that loss because while you move someone from one realm to the next, giving them a fresh start and a new life.. You have your other characters who sometimes aren’t as ready to let go just yet. They will be left wondering what happened, and why they’re left with a void. We don’t already recognize these voids when they appear because of the changes we make. Until we reach that point of realization. We’ve had quite a lot of those moments lately, of seeing the impact of the changes we’ve made in the past, and needing to adjust the things we have in play at the moment, and even fix our mistakes. We’re not always right, with the changes that we make.

But honestly, I love this. Sure whenever weekends are taken up by sorting again it does from time to time produce a bit of a sigh. Not again! But at the end of the weekend we’ll be left with a feeling of satisfaction knowing we’re entering another week where things have gotten just a little bit better, and that is ultimately what we’re doing this for. To make our world work, to make it better, to make sure that all of those little missing pieces are being filled, and to make sure it doesn’t end up an incoherent bundle of words.. We’ll save that one for the book on how to deal with wayward characters! A big incoherent blob of words, mingled with blood, sweat and tears, lots and lots of tears!
In other news, out of the two of us, Clara has always been more about the books, and I.. If you call out a name of a movie or a tv show, I’ve probably seen it. Now what I’ve discovered is that Clara might actually have a thing or two to teach me about cinematic brilliance… This should definitely be interesting!

Have a good Sunday!


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