A day in the life …

Ever wondered what would happen if you let your characters lose to write a journal entry about their experiences with you at the helm of their story, or their life in your heads?  Well, I thought I’d give it a go … 

“Dear Diary

Day … 10091812 actually, forget that I’ve lost count.  I’m not sure how long I’ve been trapped in here, locked away awaiting my release.  See, all I did was create necromancy – it wasn’t really such a bad thing, was it?  I mean, I had my reasons for it but … well, I’m being punished for it now.  You’d think being dead for 10,000 years would help there but no.  No it doesn’t.

The biggest problem though isn’t the people that I’ve wronged.  It’s my humans.  They won’t let me out to play, keep locking me up and putting me in time out.  I keep promising to do better, and for literally a minute … maybe two, I’ll do that.  Minute I put a foot out of line that’s that and I’m back in time out.  So what’s a guy to do?  Well, tap his fingers and wait to be released when the humans deem that I have served my sentence.

Could be worse though.  I mean I’ve seen some shockers sitting here.  There’s one girl, and get this, she was married to a guy in an arranged marriage, 10 years her senior.  Perfect chemistry.  And I’m talking off the charts chemistry that makes you almost have hearts in your eyes.  There was pain and anguish and a whole host of other things.  You’d think that would be a reason to keep them together, right?  Wrong.  So this girl, she gets separated from her husband, and turns her … wait for it … into his daughter.

Now, the humans … they’re confused at this point because why does the daughter have feelings for her dad?  You’d think the penny would drop at this point, but no … it doesn’t.  See, the husband has found a new woman who actually he is also in love with (someone grab the popcorn!) but for some reason our humans can’t get their heads around the fact that more than two people can be in love with one another at the same time; well in my world at least.

I could go on …

There are some real comedy gold moments here.  I’m hoping I’ll be let out for good behaviour soon … it’s getting a little boring in here, maybe I’ll just have to meddle with some of the other characters, set them up and watch them go … that could be quite fun.


Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.  I was going to say that my characters are starting to sound more and more like children with a “are we nearly there yet” the moment you set off in the car on a long journey.  But sometimes, an insight into what they’re thinking isn’t a bad thing.  You realise that sometimes you are their worst enemy as well as their own … and things that you think are sensible at the time, really aren’t!

Words are becoming a little easier each day, and with it so is the character development but … we’ve a long way to go yet.  Still, with the guidance of our characters (and hopefully their patience!) we’ll be getting there sooner than we anticipated.

Keep Safe out there!


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