Endless Possibilities

Sometimes the weather is brilliant for inspiration.  We have another storm hitting, and for the fourth weekend in a row we’re going to be battering down the hatches and staying in doors.  Ordinarily, it would start to drive me up the walls wondering when the end will come and if we’ll ever escape. If we’ll get our weekends back where we can go out for walks or other activities without worrying about getting blown away or flooded.  But over the last few weeks watching the winds, the rain and the snow at times come lashing down, I’ve learned to let my imagination go.

There’s movement at the bottom of the garden, the tree shaping and shaking wildly about as though it’s flailing arms, bending back and forwards.  The larger trees are like over-arching giants that are sweeping down to pick up the smaller trees, whereas the smaller ones are like little pixies or imps that are playing wildly about the back.  They blow back and forth over the holes in the fence that could be mistaken for a pair of green eyes that stare back at you and with the foliage dancing around it could be a fawn dancing beneath the rain.

The storm lanterns that hang from the tree blow back and forth, sometimes gently with the gentle tug of the wind, sometimes with force and almost look as though they’re hanging on for dear life.  Clinging to the branches of the trees for all that they’re worth. Sometimes, those gentle movements, the blowing back and forth of the smaller storm lanterns could be a fairy that’s lightly dipped their fingers against the base of the lantern, setting it swaying in that sing song way, whilst they go dancing and giggling off into the woodlands beyond the house.

It’s amazing what happens when you let your imagination loose.  Especially when writing fantasy, how suddenly your mind becomes open and you allow yourself to dare to dream and think on the endless possibilities of your world.  Everyday things, being stuck in traffic can turn into something imaginative if we just let it. Suddenly, shadows at night are no longer the flicker of the lights but can turn into the stuff of nightmares.  It’s all there, if only we let our imaginations run free and we allow ourselves to write and imagine a world out there that’s full of endless possibilities …

~ Clara

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