Catching Up

As the coffee is slowly making it’s way through our systems, waking us up and preparing us for the day to come, we’re settling in to get back to sorting things out. With a project on this scale, organisation is vital. It’s very easy for us to loose track of where we are, what we’re doing, and who we’re doing it with. Organisation is key. I have to admit when we started, I didn’t think writing would include endless amounts of word documents and intricate excel sheets, but they’re what’s keeping us in check and keeping us from scratching our heads at every turn wondering what we’re missing or where we went wrong.  

Providing we update it, of course, which isn’t always our strong suit. We’re more of a ‘let the small tweaks accumulate until it’s easier to just start over!’ We have been getting distracted lately with the all too familiar ‘shiny’. That little something we can do, that will distract us from the task at hand until said task is no longer really relevant and we need to do it all over again. While we got a lot better in alternating the ‘shiny’ with the tasks that need doing, sometimes we do get a little behind.  

Which is why today is one of those good old days of sorting. A day where we buckle down, review all of our data and change it where necessary, and it will be necessary… With each shiny moment, we end up with those little tweaks that end up in big changes that turn everything on it’s head and essentially everything we got in place ends up being… outdated. Usually one or both of us will have a look, scratch our heads and come to the realisation that maybe another round of looking into things isn’t such a bad idea.  

Especially when that last round of distractions gave us information and connections we have been sorely lacking. We spoke a lot about making changes and missing pieces and even about the mistakes we made in not letting our characters be who they want to be. Especially when we’re realising some of our best characters now, the kind that drive our story and will be smack in the centre of all of it, leading the rest… Are either brand new, or have been on our ‘to scrap’ list so often that we nearly… So very nearly… Didn’t have a story at all.  

By now, the coffee will have worked it’s magic, and the chats we started our morning with will come an end. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to reorganising. Something that at times can be dreadful, but it will be rewarding at the end of the day when we shut off our computers and go to bed knowing that for now… everything is where it should be.  

Until the next major round of changes and revelations that send us for a loop again, of course.  




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