Love is a many splendid thing

Love is a many splendid thing.  It comes in many shapes and forms and sizes and it’s not always apparent of just what and how it’s capable of until you’re not looking at it.  Our characters know love, for some of them it’s a fuel, a fuel to fight with and for others of them it’s a tool to use and manipulate another with.  But it’s there, always, no matter what they think and no matter what price they’re willing to pay for it.  At times, it leaves us screaming at the page all ‘NO’ at them, telling them and begging them not to … but as with so many other things, it’s their choice.  And love is no different.

We’ve had quite an eye opener into the world of our characters relationships over the past couple of weeks, but this week in particular.  We’ve got a couple, one that we always thought was unbreakable and loved like no other.  And that couple, we figured would always be our one to look at and go wow with their togetherness.  But, we’ve traced the lineage back and we’ve found something more startling, something entirely pure and a couple whose love, whose determination to love no matter what has been thrown at them has seen envy and jealousy and revenge thrown their way. Ultimately, I suppose, we can say that love is what’s driven our characters on, and it’s why we have a story … a story where one of our ‘villains’ is out for revenge.

I wasn’t quite prepared for it and nor, do I think was Charlotte.  Neither of us saw this one coming but this particular love story .. it’s put the cement in the bricks, it’s the joins, the gaps that explains so much.  It’s this love story that is the foundation for all of the things, the reason for fighting, the reason for revenge and so much more.

But that’s the beauty of love isn’t it, at least in writing.  It can lead you one way or the other, it can do all sorts of things and with this story it’s bringing us along … it’s breaking our hearts, because like every good love story there is tragedy.  Tragedy that makes us both sit up and go how.  And yet, despite this ‘how’ we know it couldn’t be any other way … there couldn’t be any other explanation for it.

Yet still, we question it and try to understand it and scratch our heads when really … we perhaps shouldn’t be trying.

Our characters will continue to do what they do.  They will continue to fall in love, to hate, to seek revenge and to do all of these things.  They’ll continue to throw us curve balls that leave us screaming at them … but at the end of it, no matter what they throw at us we are piecing together this story piece by piece to the point that one day soon we’ll have our final story …

We can dream, can’t we?!

~ Clara


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