A week in the making

Sometimes, a week really isn’t long enough. For us, we could say that we needed longer to sit down and sort out everything. And to some degree that’s right, but on the other hand? This week has been incredible for us, where we have had a week to focus on what we want out of this. If we’d had longer? Well, chances are that we would start to break what we’d found out this week by trying to make it … organised.

That’s what we do. We look at something that we have taken care and time and attention over and decide that it’s not organised enough. In short, we are masters at self sabotage. We enjoy destroying our own creations for no other reason than we can. Honestly, I think it comes down to the fact that we’re scared. Scared of our own world and our own writing. That suddenly we have created this brilliant thing and we have to scrap it because … heaven forbid it might actually work.

But that’s us. And Charlotte and I have come to realise that this is what we are best at.

So this week has been good for us, we’ve gone back to basics. We have found our world and managed to recreate it again. We’ve got names and places, we’ve got more characters and we have realms that work and function as they did once upon a time … before we decided that they were rubbish.

I guess, in a lot of ways it goes back to the old mantra of not throwing out your old writing. At the time you will always look at it and think it’s rubbish. But stick it in a drawer, leave it alone and you’ll go back and realise that actually … it was good. And if it’s not good, that it has the potential to be good with a little bit of TLC and a little bit of editing.

That’s essentially what we’ve been doing. We’ve been going through those figurative drawers and remembering that we can do this writing thing, that we can bring this fantasy to life and we can and we will write this story that we’ve been slowly getting onto paper for a while now.

And that’s where we are now.

We’ve got ourselves into a position with this week, where we can start to write. We have all the players, we have all the positions and the only thing that is missing is the writing.

Which is where the real magic starts.

That’s where we are now, starting the real magic and with luck over the next few weeks we’ll start to see all of this hard work pay off as we lose ourselves in the lives of our characters, and the plot that we have worked out.

Who knows! Maybe we’ll even get brave enough to share a thing or two in our blog!

~ Clara

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