It’s about half an hour to midnight and even with the big neon signed reminder that landed in my lap earlier today, I almost forgot this blog. At least this time it comes with an excuse and a pretty valid one at that.

We have been working on some of the final finishing when it comes to sorting out the messes we have made with our characters, our world and .. Everything in it basically. We’ve made all the changes, we’ve had some major revelations and today, we have started to fill in those last few blanks.

A whole new world has opened up for us to explore, and we are more motivated than ever to go on this adventure. Which is why we have this week off from work, giving us a full nine days. Nine days to wrap up the last loose ends, find those last few missing puzzle pieces and seeing it all come together as a whole and also actually [i]write[/i]. It’s taken us a while, especially when we took one hell of a detour, but we’re getting there.

This week will be a true test to just what we are capable of with time we can spend together, without interruptions or distractions. Just us and our characters, hammering away at our respective keyboards and making magic happen. It will be an adventure for us, one with love and joy, but also one with tension, drama, and emotions we didn’t even think we could feel anymore.

The biggest lesson that we have learnt; believe in yourself. Stand by your thoughts and ideas and don’t push them into deep and dark corners of your minds. Embrace them, whether they’re good or need some work to make them fit.

We’ve had another conversation this weekend where we sat down for a big and elaborate story element, only to find out the ideas to bring this all together have been here all along. We started on this journey for a reason, but somewhere along the line we forgot, or lost faith in our creation. We lost contact with our creativity, we stopped marvelling at our own imagination.

But slowly we’re getting back into the mindset that started us on this path to begin with, the one where all of the plotting and planning comes together to form a plan. Where we’re once again motivated to write, and importantly, enjoy it again.

This week, will be a week of magic for us. I remember what we once did with just a long Easter weekend, imagine what we could do in a whole week..



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