I think we’ve long since established that I’m not the master of blogs. Clara definitely holds that title, more often than not I’m pleased to get a token of participating. I’m not great at remembering these things, I’m easily distracted, engrossed with all sorts of shiny things and before I know it’s Monday, and we’re both like.. Blog? Oops? This occured the last time it was my turn for a blog and it nearly happened again today. Nearly!

Our characters never cease to amaze and surprise us. As always, we like to kid ourselves that we’re in control, this is an element of our writing we can never shake. We also like to think we know what will happen when we open up another door, but the truth is, we don’t. The story keeps changing and evolving, the characters we thought we knew will often throw us for a loop with new information, new motives, new .. everything really. We don’t know half our characters as well as we would like to .. or should know by now. Is it a cause for concern? Probably, but at the same time it’s the most incredible treat to be part of these mind blowing revelations.

Those kind of revelations are what makes our world tick. It makes all of those loose ends tie up, and missing puzzle pieces fall into place. Where we like to tackle ill fitting pieces with a pair of scissors to make them fit, we rarely stop to think that maybe it needed to go in the left upper corner, rather than the right one. We’ve been making changes, not only in our character and our story, but also in the way we are. We no longer make up the rules as we go because for one: they’re made to be broken, and secondly: none of our characters feel like abiding by them.

We’re on a good track, one that for us has taken a while to get back into. Where the story writes and tells itself, and we’re feeling honoured to be a part of it again. We’re no longer sitting back in our chairs, letting the world crash and burn around us, but we’re actively working on it and perhaps more importantly: [i]with it[/i].

We’ve been able to make a lot of progress that usually would have taken us weeks to complete, that is assuming we’d have completed it at all by then. Not only that but we have a plan on how we want to fill the time frames we have, and we enjoy using those time slots to do what needs doing. It’s no longer the chore that it had become, that it never should have turned into to begin with.

This is our passion, this is what we love to do, and that’s something that has slowly returned to us. And it feels so, so good.



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