Happy Easter!

Good morning on this lovely two for one day!

Not only is it Easter Sunday, but also April Fool’s…. Which is going to make this entire day a question of are the chocolate eggs actually hidden, or is this all one big joke?! Asking the serious questions here.

The eggs are cooking, the buns are being baked in the oven, and it’s about to be time for some serious elbow grease when it comes to juicing oranges.. Or well.. For us it’s going to be a bucket of coffee and getting back to work in this four day weekend.

We’re on day three out of four, and as always as soon as we have longer than a few hours together in one go, we make magic happen. The prospect of a four day weekend unleashes so much inspiration, motivation, and eagerness to get to work and do it right this time.

On par with recent development, we’ve come face to face with more of the fallout of past mistakes. We have been tweaking and changing and adjusting our story so much, and the characters in it, that we’re losing track of what is going on. We’ve been running into walls, struggling to get over obstacles and scratching our heads as to why things aren’t actually working the way they’re supposed to.

Because we broke it. We broke so much of our own hard work that we might have just pulled the biggest April Fool’s joke… on ourselves. That, or we have an incredible knack for self destruction. Either way, we’re still running into problems, but rather than avoiding them or trying to mould people into shapes they don’t fit, we’re learning to listen.

As a writer, over time you’re supposed to improve. Not us! We’re the special kind that deteriorates. We thought we were getting complacent, unimaginative, afraid of fantasy and afraid of our own capabilities. Turns out we’ve just broken so many of our characters that it’s no wonder our writing has gone down the drain with them.

2 days left of our 4 day weekend, time we intend to make the most of. Including fixing our characters, fixing the world we’ve put them in, and embracing our own potential.

Four days.. Not to start something new, but to realise everything we needed was there all along. 



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