Spring Cleaning

Not a lot has happened this week, Charlotte is away and I’ve been pulling anywhere between 10 and 14 hour days at work which has meant my brain has been frazzled by the time I’m home.  Probably just as well that Charlotte hasn’t been about otherwise she would have found herself with one word and half coherent conversation. Today is my one day weekend in which I get to recharge my batteries before I start on the insanity that is my job again come Monday morning.  As much as I love my job, I do curse myself for it at times …

But! It’s not all doom and gloom for our writing this week.  We’ve both managed to take some holiday over the Easter Weekend which means we have four days.  Four glorious days! Through which to write. And ok, right about now I am looking at those four days going oh my god I am going to sleep for forever and a day buuuut that’s not the idea behind them.  The idea is that as we are together, we have the time we can actually get down and into things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

This time last year, over the Easter Weekend, we managed to do something like 70,000 words of writing.  We haven’t had a weekend like that since because … well, because at times we can be entirely rubbish. We got cocky.  We got satisfied and we got complacent. What that meant was that our writing suffered, we thought we were producing great stuff because hey, we had this.  We had everything sorted and why would we need to try? Once we had it thrown in our faces that actually … what we had been producing was a load of tosh, we had a fairly major wake up call.  A wake up call that has seen us trying to reformat our writing and change things a lot.

So this weekend, for us brings promise.  It’s our chance to make things anew, to start a fresh.  It’s our chance to get everything set in order and maybe do some writing.  If we don’t, then that’s ok providing we do the work. We put in the hours and get our world sorted.  And providing that come Monday we don’t sit back, look at what we’ve done and go “god we’re good” when in fact all we’ve done is … write a few scrappy chapters on a page that are empty and the sort of book that I would have thrown out long before I’d reached the end of the first chapter.

It hasn’t been a pleasant realisation for us to come to.  But, this is our chance. This is our spring cleaning season where we are going to spend our weekend making a new.  And I think, for the first time in a long time we are looking forward to getting to grips with it all.

So! Out is coming the vacuum, the duster and the polish and hopefully by this time next week we’ll have something that’s starting to look spic and span!


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