If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

It has really been a weird couple of weeks, and apart from knowing it’s a Sunday, and that I almost forgot my blog today, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the date. My sense of time has completely abandoned me this past week. I wouldn’t mind forgetting the part about it being Sunday, a Saturday would be better because it would mean Clara and I would have another day to get things moving along. Someone needs to start a petition to include Monday in the weekends. It’s just too short otherwise!

The largest neon sign we have been running into lately reads: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

That’s a line we haven’t been paying an awful lot of attention to. We tend to fix everything, for us to discover later that all we did was break something perfectly good. The deeper we delve into the things we’re missing, the more we come to terms with what we’ve broken. Which not going to lie… is not very easy to come to terms with. We don’t like to think that we’ve kind of deteriorated in some areas over the years, we want to believe we have been growing..

But, what we have learned, is that it’s not too late to change things around. We just need to be brave and implement the changes, or undo the decisions we’ve made in the past. What it means for us, despite the very confronting realisations we’ve come face to face with these past couple of weeks, we have a new challenge heading our way and that does come with some excitement as well.

It will be nice for us to kind of shake it all off, get back on track, and come back stronger and with something better than we had before. Because that is the way we work best. We like a good challenge and we’re both ready to tackle it head on. How that will turn out, time will tell, but with all of these lessons we learn, we’re one step closer to where we want to be. At the end of the day, that is what makes it all worthwhile.

We have another crazy week ahead of us, made crazier even with our characters but trust them to always keep us on our toes, and pushing us to improve, change and stop fixing things that aren’t broken.

We need to learn to listen to them more often!


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