If there is one thing we can count on in this journey of ours, it would be the all too familiar ‘facepalm’. That moment where we come to face the mistakes we’ve made along the line. More often than not, it’s a mistake we’ve made before, and haven’t managed to learn from. It’s not something we do intentionally, but every now and then we lose track of the things we have, and try to shape it into something better. Which is rarely actually ‘better’.

We make it complicated and it becomes messy. Meanwhile our good ideas are on the sidelines, looking at us, shaking their heads, and facepalming at the mistakes we’re making. We’re huffing and puffing, making changes, racking our brains to try and figure out why it isn’t working only to circle back to those sidelined ideas, for a facepalm of our own. They’ve been there all along, we just thought we could do better.

We’re often doubting ourselves. We are challenging our own level of creativity and end up cursing at ourselves for taking the fantasy we had, and dismantling it until there is nothing left. What we are left with is something mundane and uninspired, and we force ourselves to make something work that doesn’t have a place in our world.

We’ve regrouped after some very confrontational revelations, but that doesn’t mean the facepalms have stopped. We’re not there yet. Not until we have everything sorted and in place, and once we let go of those all too familiar fears that haunt us during this process. We will learn, we’re just taking our sweet time to do so.

And maybe instead of a facepalm, we can put our palms together and clap. Applaud ourselves for overcoming our fears and obstacles and actually use the great, creative ideas that we have. We need to learn to not be afraid of the unknown but embrace it. Fantasy is our escape from reality, into a world that is our own to shape, make and admire.. Why should we be afraid of that? We should be proud of that instead!  

We will have a lot more facepalms in the near future as our characters stand on the side lines, reminding us of the mistakes we’ve made and the things we need to fix. We will carry on bringing back that spark that brought us together as writers to begin with, and remind ourselves and one another just what we’re capable of.

With a background serenade of our characters facepalming at us.










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