All you need is love …

Sometimes, or alright a lot of the time, our characters leave us scratching our head and having a moment of … did that happen? Did you get the same thing that I did … is this actually what they are doing now?! And it’ll take us a little while to get past it because, well it shouldn’t happen. More than that, it shouldn’t work, and yet somehow it does. Somehow, it works so brilliantly that we have to pause and concede that sometimes, just sometimes our characters really do know what is best for them – even if we really don’t think that this is the right way to go about anything.

Charlotte and I have spent most of our morning doing just that. Is this right? Is this possible? Should we do something about it? Wait, why aren’t any of our other characters doing something about it?! And so on and so forth. This particular revelation isn’t a new one, but it’s one that keeps hitting us and making us question over and over and over again. We’ve tried everything, wanting to make sure that this is what our characters want and no matter which way we turn … this is where they end up.

It seems simple enough, right? They want it so we need to give it to them. Which … we could do, but we also know that actually it isn’t that simple. We have a plot line that potentially, this whole relationship, could mess with and we have characters who are inter connected. We’ve told these characters that there is no happy ending, that this relationship cannot and will not work out. But do they care? No, no they do not.

But that’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes there’s something or someone that you love so inexplicably much that it doesn’t matter if it can’t work out. It doesn’t matter that it won’t work out, or that further down the line something will happen to break everything. Because we can’t see around the corner, we don’t know what will happen from one day to the next only that we need to live life for the now. We know this and apply this in our day to day lives, but don’t stop to think about applying it to our characters lives.

Just because we know what’s coming, doesn’t mean that they do. And even if they do, does that mean they should give up the chance of happiness?

That’s the question that we really should be asking ourselves, and yet Charlotte and I are still here like … how even?! What even?! Do we even …. And so on and so forth.

We’ll probably still be here this time tomorrow asking the exact same thing!

Here’s hoping we’re not though …


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