The first blip of the year has been made and out of the two of us, it could only be me. Last week we were so engrossed in what we were doing, that the blog post was pushed to the far end of my brain. It resurfaced late in the evening, but by then I tend to loose my grasp on English. Whatever knowledge of grammar and vocabulary I have tends to vanish and basic potato English comes out. It’s not pretty, and slightly frustrating!

Then again, our brains tend to do that. They are our greatest tool and our biggest enemy in our writing endeavours. They create wildly creative thoughts, can build nightmare fuel for creatures and when we combine both of ours, we can come up with some greatly imaginative things. Plotlines, stories, solutions to our problems, all of it… They hold a world of information, tidbits about our world for one but also of the real world. They hold good memories, great ideas and all sorts of information that are potentially useful in life, or just really useful for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

On the other hand, our brains are our worst enemy. We like to trust it to remember valuable information, little tidbits for our characters. We’re confident, we can remember this! We can’t. That short term memory kicks in, and decides that none of this is actually worth storing. It gets thrown into the abyss, along with passwords to those not so frequently visited websites, important phone numbers and birthdays you should remember but they don’t really have an easy date to remember!

We need to learn to trust them during the week. Just because our brains have had a day at work, going on full speed, doesn’t mean our reserves are depleted. We might not be the most eloquent and sensible writers, but we can talk and sort and do all sorts of little side things that get neglected by us otherwise.

Our year has had a rocky start, very rocky. We have been hit with revelations and reminders of what we once were, and what we are now. It hasn’t been pretty, but it has been the kick up the rear that we’ve needed. A reminder that our brains are capable of great things, providing we let them do so. As long as we don’t break our world, our characters, and everything else we need to make this work.

The question remains, will we learn from our mistakes? We hope so. That’s what we’re counting on, but at the end of the day, it’s not the first time we’ve had this conversation. We have to prove to ourselves that we can do this, we have to make it happen, no one else is going to do that for us. We’re already one month into the new year, we have 11 more to make 2018 count.

Let’s do this!


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