Fairy Dust

There are times when Charlotte and I get into a rut. And at those times, we need something almost astronomical to come out of the woodwork and bite us. Going ‘HEY THERE! REMEMBER US?!” At which point we have a moment of “oh my god, look at what we can do”. The problem is, we then spend so much time marvelling at what we can do that we’ll then land up reminiscing and eventually … fall back into the same old routine.

Today has been one of those days, where we’ve found something that we had written some time ago. It’s no longer relevant, for the most part at least, but what it has done is to remind us of what we can do if we put our mind to it. When it comes to our writing we can both be lazy. We know this, it’s something that we try and combat – only, in trying to combat it we more often than not land up enabling one another. And that’s why we need these revelations now and then.

The past two weekends, we’ve spent going through our beasts and looking at what we have. What we have is … a lot, and most of them are useable. We just have to get past the ‘oh god this is scary’ and actually … you know, use them. What emerges time and time and time again is that we’re both terrified of our writing. We look back on some stuff and go ‘that was amazing’ because we’ve forgotten that we can write like that or be creative like that …

We’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … for a pair of fantasy writers at times we do really kinda suck.

So, in the spirit of the New Year and our resolutions (which we’re sort of kind of keeping!) we’re sprinkling some fairy dust on ourselves. We’re going to find that creative, fantasy magic and we are going to make sure we use it. We have everything set up and in place … we just have to use it, encorporate it and let our characters be the best versions of themselves.

In short, we need to stop being our own worst enemies. And whilst that’s easier said than done … we have given ourselves a good talking to, we’re being more productive and honestly I’m hopeful that this time it will stick.

Or at least, it had better stick … or there really is little hope for us!

So this is us, with our mid January resolutions that we are going to be sprinkling that fairy dust over us. And we are going to be creative!

There, it’s in black and white now …. there’s no going back for us now!

~ Clara

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