Bursting Bubbles

A new year always comes with certain revelations that we come to. We like to look back and think that we’ve had a good year, and to some extent we have. We’ve done some sorting, some writing, and slipped some missing pieces into place. Rewarding experiences, because it moves what we’ve been doing forward. But then the new year comes along and we sit down for a good talk. What do we need to do, what do we want to achieve this year. Plans are made, a deadline is set. Let’s carry on the good work. 

But the truth comes out, and we’re faced with a tiny little needle, pricking at our bubbles of what we’d like ourselves to believe, and the illusion around us is shattered. 
We have made progress in some areas, discovering the missing pieces has been something that we needed to make the story work. Only then it turns into moments of conversation leading from one thing to another and suddenly, our minds get blown. We get distracted with small blurbs of writing, testing the waters, reverting back into our comfort zones until we’re in so deep even we can’t look past the amateur writing and we’re like eh’. Because it’s not something that will make the final cut. It’s not something that’s terribly important, a bit of fluff really. A sparkly, shiny piece of fluff that builds up around us in a bubble of we’re writing’, but really.. We’re not. 
We’re no longer describing the world around our characters because the other will know what we mean. We revert to a more modern, non magical world because somehow letting our imaginations run wild into uncharted territory is scary. We get complacent, we favour some characters to work with and ignore others. We keep it going until one of us decides that we could do with another batch of sorting and talking until once again.. Our minds are blown with a missing piece of the puzzle.. You can see where this is going. 
This weekend we reviewed some of those magical beasts in our world and.. Honestly? I expected a lot of rewriting, changing things to suit the needs, tweaking and incorporating but the only thing we’re guilty of is not using them. What we also found, while sorting through some of the old material, was pieces of our writing that was actually good. Out of our comfort zones, away from the familiar couples and into uncommon but potential friendships or tensions. 
So our biggest task for this year, is getting back into that mindset. To stop worrying about the nitty gritty, and letting the words do the work for us. The one thing we can say, for each year that passes… We learn something new every year! 
Although this lesson is one that we could have used a little sooner! 

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