It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s Christmas Eve, and there’s always something seemingly magical at this time of year – to me at least. There’s a sense of expectation, of hope, of love and so many other things. People, in general seem happier, more willing to help others and appreciate what it is they have. And maybe that’s just me and my wishful thinking, but it’s an illusion that I’m not keen to break any time soon.

We speak of Christmas miracles, of love, of hope and of happiness and so many other things. We see it as the chance to spend time with family, with loved ones and look forward to things that are yet to come. And then, a week later we’ll be saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new one. It’s a time of change for the better – or so we like to hope.

And for Charlotte and I, it’s no different. Today we’re celebrating our Christmas – we’ve exchanged gifts, proving that we know one another a little too well! Although, we still have to beat buying the same gift for one another (proving that perhaps we really do need to meet new people!). Charlotte knows me down to the tee with my comic book geekiness as I amass a collection of key rings and phone covers – prompting me into the dilemma of which one do I use now?! The Dilmena is really for anyone that knows how much I adore some of these characters!

But as we celebrate our Christmas today, preparing to spend tomorrow with our respective families, we’re also letting our characters have a little bit of festive fun. And sometimes, we forget what a little freedom, a little creativity and a little festivities can do for our writing – sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the best thing we can do as we let our characters run free … and show us just what we are capable of!

It’s a short one today, but it’s Christmas! There are presents to wrap and food to cook, carols to play and to sing and so on and so forth!

So, it’s a Merry Christmas from Charlotte and I!

~ Clara

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