It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas …

Christmas is coming! It’s coming around the corner faster than I’m preparing for it and before we know it it’ll be here and we’ll be indulging and celebrating in all of the festivities that go alongside of it. Today is the day when the decorations go up, the tree is standing in the corner in all of it’s glory – and it’s really starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

it’s also that time of year where our characters start to get in the festive zone. And that point at which Charlotte and I say we need to actually pin down our festivals for our world. We have them, we have the basics worked out but what we really need to do is get in there and work on the detail. Figure out what the celebrations are all about! What events triggered them, what they focus around – is it the food, the magic or something else entirely!

And that is often easier said than done. We’ll have something in place, but then the next second one of our characters will come along and be like “Urm excuse me, but that’s not how it’s done … this is what goes on”. It’s at that point that Charlotte and I reach for the festive drink and pray for strength. Because, really it would have been so much easier (and more helpful) if they’d spoken up sooner …

But who are we kidding? Our characters, helpful? It’s far more entertaining for our characters to watch Charlotte and I struggle before offering their helpful assistance. And again, we’re reminded of just who is in charge (and it’s certainly not us!) and the fact that we wouldn’t even have a book to write if it wasn’t for them …

So, whilst we’re tree decorating and festive food making (the mince pies are in the oven as I write this!) we’re also sorting out some of these problematic characters, trying to get a little more out of them and trying to make sure that actually … we get everything we need! I know, I know I’m optemistic ….

But, for the now I’m definitely going to carry on kidding myself that this is the last time we have to do it. I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle here – and regardless, we get to enjoy the snow, the lights and everything else that makes this season so special!

~ Clara

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