The weather outside is frightful… 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to throw holiday songs out just yet, but it is a fitting way of indicating the usual drops in temperature around this time. It is the end of the year, which means a variety of things. For one, that it’s incredibly tempting to say we’ve worked hard for 11 months, let’s give ourselves a little break. Complete with a cushioned armchair, a crackling fire, a good book in one hand, and a cup of hot chocolate with a big dollop of whipped cream in the other hand. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Unfortunately, both the armchair and the fireplace are going to have to remain within the imaginative corners of my mind, but the other two things I could do. Just huddled up against the heater! 

The last month of the year is a whirlwind. While it ends with a festive bang of celebrations – both figuratively and literally – it also brings about exhaustion. The days are getting shorter, and heading out and coming home in the dark can be a little bit demoralising. Whatever sunlight does try to peek through is usually blocked by the rain or – in hopeful cases- snow clouds that loom overhead. On the other hand, how warming is it, to see those lights sprawled across windows and out in the gardens? (yes, people are this quick with their decorations!) 

People are already hurling themselves into madness. The shops are running rampant with customers stocking up on gifts, decorations, ornaments, and trying to piece together impressive menus for their holiday feasts. These, the early days of December, are only the first and comparatively tame days of the holiday madness that will make up for most of this month. Until the day itself comes along and we can share gifts, food, and joyous thoughts, with friends and family, the people we love.  

While every part of me is tempted to sprawl over the floor by the heater and say I’m taking a break! I’m tired, we worked 11 months! I also rationally know that contrary to popular belief, 2018 isn’t going to give me a random burst of energy. In the same way that I know I’m not really exhausted, it’s just the cold weather luring me, tempting me. We still have some things going on that we want, and need to finish before the new year, and we’re actually making really good progress there.  

Every single time now that we tackle a question that has been looming over our heads, or try to fit a character into our world, we’re watching more of those missing puzzle pieces slide into the correct spots. We’re watching all of our gaping holes and odd pairings dissolve and be replaced by answers and better pairings. Our world is coming together, when it comes to the people that reside in it. Once we have that down, the actual shape, look and feel of the world will be a lot easier to figure out.  

But that’s a task for another time… Or perhaps even another year!  


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