With those good intentions I mentioned the last time, I had every intention of writing my blog post early, making both of our lives easier. I did make a solid start this morning, but something came up and I lost where I was going with my post completely. It’s evening, I’m starting over, and Clara, I’m sorry for throwing another blog post out there too late for proper proof reading!

Unlikely combinations shouldn’t be something that catches us off guard, not any more. We’re more than used to our characters throwing us for a loop, doing something unexpected, and giving us a moment of wondering ‘what the hell just happened?’ We’re never prepared, we’re always caught off guard, and we’re never expecting these new responses to work out so well.

Or so tragically …

Plenty of us have grown up hearing about fairytales, and the happily ever after’s. They conquer the dragon, defeat the witch, or save the kingdom from some other lingering doom, and live happily ever after. It never comes easy, but it’s there at the end of a story. They’re tales of optimism and romance, and the kind of love that everyone should aspire to find in their lives. Someone they can trust whole heartedly, love unconditionally, and cherish forever. We might not be looking for someone riding in on a white steed, but we all want that fairy tale ending.

But some love stories don’t come with a happy ending. A knight in shining armour
doesn’t always get there in time to save the princess. When a boy meets a girl, they don’t always have their timing right, and the girl is with another boy. Sometimes the girl realises just what she feels for a boy, but he’s promised himself to another. It doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, no matter how you might want something to blossom, it just isn’t meant to be.

No matter how much two people might love one another, sometimes… It just isn’t their time. Or their fairy tale.

So even when we shouldn’t be surprised when our characters come up with the most unlikely connections, they always tend to do just that. Surprise us, and challenge what we think we know. Opening up new perspectives, a wider range of emotions, and a whole lot of heartbreak. Especially from those we least expect.


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