There’s not a whole lot to report this week. We might have just returned from holiday, but we were in dire need of another. We took some time away from the brain breaking projects and had a bit of us time. This didn’t mean we were completely absolved of characters of course, they were here, piping in, and sharing some interesting little tidbits but it was all very relaxed and enjoyable. We definitely didn’t get into things as much as we would otherwise, it’s been one of those weeks and we decided to make the most of it really. The best way to deal with weeks like that!

We watched a record amount of films and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. We’ve talked before about different mediums giving different access to inspiration. I’m still working my way into the world of reading – and still loving it! Now we’re onto films. They’re a good source of inspiration and can offer a visual aid as well. It’s nice to step out of reality for an hour and a half to two hours, and just disappear into a different one.
A good film can help inspire, and tickle the senses. It can spark an idea or a thought, offer a different perspective on something. All in all, it’s another good way to get inspired, get motivated, and all of it in just about 2 hours.
All of that would have applied to this week, if we hadn’t scared ourselves with the Underworld films, and from there on – with our tails between our legs -turned to Disney.

In our defense, I don’t think there are films out there that can make grown woman cry the way Disney does. Despite being adults and seeing the films differently, they always tend to hit you with that sensitive note, and it packs a punch! When you think a movie about an advanced tin can couldn’t possibly do that, it did! It so did! Nor does it matter how often we watch them, hearing a small Anna back away from the door of her sister with her sad ‘Ok bye…’ Still gets my bottom lip trembling.

For now, we’re starting on a new round of films, one that will be a little more comical and entertaining in a different way for us. Inspiring, but more along the lines of ‘what not to do’. Time for some good old ‘Shits and Giggles’.


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