Time Ninja’s

This week has been one of those weeks where time seems to have … vanished. Or as we’ve come to call it the ‘time ninja’ theory, where something unknown creeps in and steels our time. You know, the things that make time at work crawl by so sloowwwwllllly but then somehow, our time in the evening will suddenly just vanish the moment we blink. That’s what it’s been like for us this week even though we’ve both had ideas and things that we’ve been getting on with.

Mostly, we’ve set into place our ‘Ancestors’ which has meant going back in time in our world to figure out just what and how and everything else we’ve questioned since embarking on this. You’d think that we would have thought about doing this sooner … but really? It didn’t seem important, until we realised how important it actually was. So we’ve been writing our history, we’ve actually figured out why our world is the way it is.

Finally. It feels like we’re getting there!

Or we would be if the time ninja’s wouldn’t keep creeping up on us and stealing away our time!

We had plans yesterday to get down and into things a little more but then, as our plans so often do life took over … and that all went out the window. So, instead we’re giving ourselves the weekend off where we’ve been watching the Underworld films (because yes, we flit between Disney and horror and everything else in between!) which has been pretty entertaining. And if nothing else has sparked a debate (and when I say debate more the two of us laughing at) various film werewolves that we’ve seen – although I think the Underworld ones win hands down!

But we are definitely getting better at this life-writing-relaxing thing, and I’ll admit that it really does help now that I’ve got a job with regular hours. We’re not scrabbling for every little bit of time and then getting irritated when life gets in the way of a weekend because ‘oh my god that was our writing time for the week!’ Said in an equally dramatic tone, whilst face planting our desks. It just means that we can write, have some fun and if we want to spend our weekend watching movies, reading or going out and having some fun for ourselves we can do so.

Hopefully next week we’ll be a little further forward with our ancestors – so long as the time ninja’s behave and don’t steal way all of our time!

~ Clara

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