Welcome home

All good things come to an end, a holiday is unfortunately, no different. I enjoyed my week and a bit away. I went to Mallorca, one of Spain’s islands. I had a couple of days of rain, but otherwise excellent weather. It was warm, I went through nearly 4 books (had to purchase one, still haven’t learned to listen to Clara when she suggests to pack an extra one), didn’t have to worry about cooking.

Eat, read, sleep, repeat.

We went sightseeing in Palma, which has this gorgeous cathedral, small, decorated streets with shops and then of course the streets with the high-end shops. A guilty pleasure really, peering through the windows knowing you’d never buy a thing from it, but it looks fancy! Does that shop actually have a doorman? One of the other days we cycled along the boulevard, did a little bit of sightseeing that way, not to mention enjoy the perfect view of the ocean.

In a lot of ways, my trip wasn’t as inspirational as Clara’s was, and seeing some of those pictures she sent my way, I had to admit… I wouldn’t have minded going with her! That being said, I don’t regret my decision. It was very relaxing, we didn’t have to think about anything, other than ‘what do we want to do today’ and go from there. My vacation really was about relaxing and unwinding, and that I did and I did it good! So yes, a little less inspirational, but definitely needed. I’d love to say I’m still feeling refreshed, after a few days at home but…. I’m afraid Clara and I need to plan our holiday for next year SOON.

Our characters behaved perfectly whilst we were out of the running for a good couple of days but they are back! And louder than ever. This week has been a bit of a slow start for us, we’ve been writing, we’ve been talking, we’ve watched Moana – I recommend it, it’s adorable! And we’ve made some more progress in sorting out what we want and need to do. We’ve even gone ahead and set ourselves a goal for this week.

So, with freshly awakened energy, renewed interest, and a new blank slate to play with, we will be heading into a new week with a goal and a purpose and it’s really exciting. It’s definitely something we’re going to have a lot of fun with, and little by little I can see us doing things a lot better. We have more time, and we’re using it a lot smarter than we used to. It was one of the conversations we’d had this weekend how, even when we had time, we wouldn’t really put it to use. We still have a lot to learn there, on how to manage our time best, what to do with it, when to tackle problems together or when we can look at some individual stuff but… We’re getting there.


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