Thinking ahead

This week’s blog post is going to be a day early. Clara’s very smart suggestion to me because she knows me better than I know myself, and she has enough foresight to know that tomorrow, I will forget to do this. I will be leaving the comfort of my home at midnight, and won’t see my computer again for 10 days. (thank you phone and tablet! And books! Lots of books!) As we’ve been on the right track with our blog posts – with one blip in there – it would be a shame to let that go to waste. So here we are again, one day early!

This week has been… Eye opening. I think that would be a good way to describe this week. Of course, we’ve had a moment to start with where we were both like ‘Yes! We’re doing stuff and things and things and stuff!’ At the same time, we’ll both be on vacation for a good chunk of time in the very near future, so starting anything actually big and life changing is a bit of a no no. We’d start, get inspired, get pulled into it, and then we’ll be called out of our little hiding bubbles before it’s time to go.

Bye progress, bye inspiration, bye good ideas and hello unfinished thoughts, ideas and documents. That’s us, we’ve learned this by now. Don’t sit down to tackle something big if there’s a 10-day gap between now and potentially finishing the life altering situation because by the end of those 10 days, 30 things have changed and everything we were so excited about is no longer relevant. The one thing that has changed for us, is this time, we’re actually aware of this and smart enough to stop us from getting into something big. We’re leaving it all for when we’re back, and ready to get into action.

For now, both of us are in dire need of some vacation time, and while we’re still going to be writing, it will be good for us to get out there and see different things. It’s another great source of inspiration as well, while relaxing and unwinding, and enjoying some time away from the day to day obligations. Work, responsibility, adult things in general – adulthood sucks!

We’ve been writing though. Short bits, long bits, bits that are going up so drastically in word count that even we are sitting wondering where all of the words are coming from. I for one found some words I didn’t even know I had in my vocabulary. Which is fun, and probably also a really good sign that reading has done me a world of good. Which I am still doing! Still the same amazing series that has me hooked and gets me to sleep. I don’t think I’ve read as much as I have so far, in a long time! And yes, they are in my suitcase to come with me as well.

Couldn’t leave my new babies behind, could I? And I packed extra because what would I do if I run out?? I don’t even know.

Clara has created a monster. And she is so proud.


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