Welcome to Charlotte and Clara

I have caught a bug. Now don’t worry, I’m fine, it’s actually not as bad. It does make me tuck in a little earlier at night and sleeping has been made into a bit of a struggle, but at the same time it does wear me out enough to send me into a peaceful slumber.

The bug I’ve caught? The reading bug.

It’s been a year late, I’ll admit that. The amazing and sweet Clara spoiled me a year ago with a bunch of books and somehow, it’s taken me this long to get to the second book of the bunch. I’d read one, moved onto a few others that I had or bought but none of which I’ve actually finished to the full extent. Now, a year later, I’ve read a book in 8 days. 8 days. I think the last time this happened, I was still in my teens… Which theoretically might not be THAT long ago – although ask a teen and I’m ancient – but for an aspiring writer…? I probably should have gotten a better start at this reading thing whilst I was in my teens!

Either way, I’ve caught the bug. I’m excited, Clara is excited, and from that series I now have 6 books, all of which I can’t want to dig into and enjoy as much as the first one! I’ve set myself a new bedtime to squeeze in some reading and I’m actually enjoying the curfew now, whereas before I didn’t want to waste the time we had to be able to talk and write. Now I can hardly wait!

Which will honestly do me, and us, a world of good because I am one half of this writer’s duo, that isn’t originally English, and that isn’t necessarily too familiar with books. This is a good way for me to expand my vocabulary for one, and plenty of other things. And as a spectacular bonus? Sleep has come a lot easier, a lot more peaceful and all in all, I would recommend this to everyone basically. That and it’s proving to be really contagious as well…

As of last night, we have taken a step further into our future plans. We’ve officially changed the address to our site, the first of many steps that we intend to take to put more of us out there. To give a better feel of what we’re doing, and all that we’re trying to achieve. A lot of things have been sorted out and played with today by us, and we’re looking forward to expand our site and bring more content to our website. It’s things like these that just give us a boost of energy and inspiration, and we’re looking forward to sharing that!

For now… Is it time for bed yet?!!


-How to know reading is working out for you; when your best friend doesn’t have to sift through your blogpost to make it grammatically correct!

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