Watching, Reading, Gaming

Film, book, game.  

Not going to lie, out of the two of us. I’m not much of a reader – yes I know this sounds so weird. I try, and I really enjoy reading, I just don’t allow myself the time to get through a chapter, when there’s plenty for us to do. If I were to tuck in just half an hour earlier every night I could get a chapter in and I will from time to time, but then something happens and I’ll be up until the very last second until I have no choice but to sign off my computer and go to bed.  

I game, from time to time. I don’t do it as much as I have done in the past, purely because time is precious and when it comes to what we’re doing it’s a lot more important and keeps me more than busy. But with Clara out to London Friday, it opened up a chunk of time and out of all the productive things I could’ve done… I went back to gaming. Also, I may have had my curiosity for them sparked when we looked into a few fantasy generators which to me had some obvious game mechanics or looting inspirations.  

I don’t think I can ever get Clara crazy enough to game with me, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. If she does like it we’ll be stuck in a virtual reality world together and nothing would ever get done, but it was nice to go back to it. To follow the storyline of a character into various tales and acts through the world, to vanquish the ultimate evil. To level up a character to gain access to different skills, better gear. Starting with a very basic grasp of what the possibilities are for your low level character, with no gear, and levelling them up to a hardened warrior in an epic fantasy realm.  

Fantasy today I think is a big part of the world as we know it. Films, books, tv shows and even gaming is so much more of a standard and something that a lot of people – that like fantasy I should add – will have dabbled in. It comes in so many different forms, and they all add different kinds of inspiration to the mix. They all work on different mediums, spark different reactions, and with the right kind of film, book or game, it will suck you right in and put you in the middle of all of the action. No matter what medium you prefer, get your hands on the right one and it will grab you, hold you, until the very last second, the last page, or the last battle.  

And that is what I love about all of the different mediums. The ability to disappear into this foreign and new world, to explore it. Whether it’s by watching the main character on his quest, reading about it and forming the world with your own imagination, or being the mouse that leads your character into battle.  

It’s something to think about and take into the week with me. We really need to get into our own world building business, something that we’ve been a little slow and reluctant on.. But between us and our different preferred mediums?  

Let’s see if we can make some magic..  





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