S, not a Z

With a new system of getting organised comes a bundle of tasks that need tending to. Things we’ve yet to do but have been pushed to the bottom of the pile because in the grand scheme of things they’re important – but they’re not vital. Vital is what captures our main focus. Important generally means that we’ll have every intention to buckle down and get it done.. But don’t get it done. However, with our new sorting system being the best thing in the world, it might just keep it’s grasp and lure us in to do what needs to be done!  


Time will tell. In the long run, doing the Character Sheets will help us fully develop our characters, and give us all of the information that we need.. But it’s a task. It’s not an easy ‘lets sit down this weekend and do it’ task. It’s one that needs to be done when we have the time available, but we usually have different things we can and will do. Again, fingers crossed that our new shiny will help us get through that one!  


In other fun news, we’ve been getting back into writing and it’s been really good to do it again, properly. We had some people we needed to try out together, see how the new connections worked, and it’s always eye-opening. They’re connections that need to be tried and tested because we’ve been at the point too many times, where on paper something looks good.. But in reality it doesn’t really work!  


The more we work and write with them, the more depth they gain. They’re no longer a name on the page, or a passing thought. They’re characters that come with strengths and weaknesses. They come with ideas and motivation. They help us shape the world as we envision it. Little by little our world is coming together, whether it’s the people that are living in it, or the beasts of the world. Whether it’s the changes in culture and ideas that come with the different realms, or the way they tackle different problems.  




*Fun fact, I’m not actually English and Clara has the great task thrust upon her to teach me how to English English. Currently we’re talking about how this is the first time I put ‘organised’ with an S instead of a Z. Proud moments!

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