Charlie and I like to think that we have things pretty sorted. I mean, we know what we’re doing right? We have everything set up wonderfully and it’s all well organised and we know where we have to go for this file and that file … that is, until one of us moves it and the platform we had been using to store things doesn’t follow through. What moves for one of us, doesn’t move for the other and … yeah, this is why we like to think we’re pretty sorted but we’re not.

It’s not nearly as organised as we like to think.

But this weekend, that has all changed. We’ve found a new tool to play with, a new storage base and a new place that we can write in. And not only that – if one of us moves something, the other will have it moved to. In short, we’ve discovered what we’ve been missing out on and then some.

And really, you wouldn’t think it would make that much of a difference but … it does. We can now set ourselves reminders, not only that we can set reminders for one another. We can create to do lists that we can check off as we go along and we can put deadlines on that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t put deadlines on ourselves at the moment but … it’s a little easy to say “we need x done by this weekend” only for the weekend to come and we’ve forgotten what x was or even why we want it done.

We have no excuses now. Everything is organised. Everything is set up. And honestly? I don’t think there’s going to be any going back for us. In the past couple of days we’ve organised ourselves more than we’ve organised ourselves before. And it’s great. It’s great knowing that actually, we’re on the same page (not that we weren’t before but we at least know that when we pull up a document we’re not going to be scratching our heads going … is this the latest version, and did you put it in this folder or …..??) and we can work with all of these things and more.

In short, we’re fingerling over a piece of technology that’s going to see us being more productive, more organised and just generally in a better place than ever before. Plus, also much less likely to mess up and create havoc in our characters lives too. Who knew! Something so simple could make such a difference to our writing world.

This is what we’re going to be doing for the rest of our weekend. Sorting ourselves out – and writing, of course, that goes without saying! And having some fun, because I’m sure once we’ve sorted things and we’ve listened to our characters telling us about their life story … we’re going to be due some down time, probably with a movie or a book and enjoying the rest of our weekend!

~ Clara

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