Technical Difficulties

Bit by bit the last of the missing pieces are slotting into place and clearing up those questions that have been nagging in the backs of our minds. Sometimes if you combine that with glitchy chat programs, it backfires epically… But other times when it doesn’t sabotage us, it gives us more insight into the characters we have, it answers questions we didn’t know existed, and it forges unlikely connections.. That while unlikely, we did see coming and needed a proper backstory for. We now have that.

Which is good, it is one of those many things that will add to the character. It will change their personalities, it will shine a different light on their relationships, and it makes them so much more well rounded. It shows that warmest of hearts, can be found in the coldest of places.. And that even kindness can turn bitter without a helping hand.

A few of these developments have occurred and in the midst of adding and scrapping and finding order in this chaos, we are slowly seeing this world and their communities come together. Which at the end of the day, frustrations and headaches aside from trying to get our answers, does make it a rewarding process. Slow, but rewarding.

Little by little we’re watching the world come together, and while we’re still in the process of sorting the new lot out, they’re chatty! We’re getting insight into things that we don’t necessarily get from others, and it helps us shape the world, and settle them all in there. From answers that we were looking for, to questions we didn’t know we needed answered. Of course this is still a conversation to be had for us, and when we have a good chunk of time to spare we can sit down and get into the nitty gritty and tackle another chunk of this huge project.

We’re figuring out where the missing links are, and filling them up with meaningful additions. Fun and exciting work! I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…. Never a dull moment. Not with these characters.

It has been a bit of a turbulent week for us. Where days took up so much of our time and energy that our evenings have been cut short. That, and again, the chat mishap that misfired so epically, giving us some difficulties in getting things rolling, and keeping the conversation going. Which happens, unfortunately. Technology isn’t always our best friend, despite it being something we need to rely on so heavily.

Which is a shame. But at the end of the day we’ll get there, and work out the kinks in the technological web of problems. Before we know it we’ll be back on track, and doing what needs doing.

For now it’s getting late again, and I really need to get into the habit of doing it in the mornings like Clara does. That being said I’m pleased that I remembered this week! No just kidding, I set my alarm for it. Don’t give me credit, I’m not deserving!



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