A year in the making 

So, yes there was another little blip last week which we’re just gonna gloss over and pretend never happened! But we’ve been doing this blog properly now for about a year, on two different blogging platforms before we stuck with this one. And by properly, I mean on a weekly basis we had a few odd blog posts before we knuckled down and started doing it properly. But I’m still impressed that we’re still going – usually at this point, we’d have been distracted by something new and shiny and come back to something like this to blow dust off of it and go “wow this was a good idea at some point in the distant past …” and attempt to do some form of CPR on it, at least until the next shiny comes along.  

And this is just how we roll half the time, we get into things only to get distracted by shiny things and come back to the original thing at x point in the future. We’ve been getting a lot better at that, and maybe just maybe doing something like this is really helping us to focus our minds and get everything in order. But if I’m honest it’s more than likely just a coincidence! 

We’ve come along way this year, I mean sure sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Especially not when we’ve had a week like this week where we’ve had to make new characters to slot into places and it feels a little like we’re taking it all back to square one. When in fact we haven’t, all that we’re doing is making our chattier voice chattier, and even more eager to write – which inevitably makes our life so much easier.

It’s the little things, making sure we have enough of one particular character base to make a plot viable, and if we can’t or we can never get characters to work in that plot base then we need to take a look at the plot and tweak it a little. The same goes for characters when they want a partner and you try time and time again to hook them up with someone, or you put them in a particular job or whatever have you in the vain hopes that they’ll suddenly spring to life and work …. Sometimes you have to admit defeat and say that plot lines, characters and so on just aren’t working.

But! This week at least we have some writing to show for it, where we’ve spent the last few weeks organising things we’re now in a position where we can actually write. And it’s actually refreshing to be able to sit down, get our characters in order and let them loose – after all, they’re the ones that make the story magic, we’re just the voice boxes!

~ Clara

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