Slowly but surely 

So, this week has been a bit of a better one for us, we’re into a little more of a rhythm on things and back in the swing of what we need to be doing! Which I’ll admit is mainly my fault, starting a new job last week which has taken me a little bit of getting used to, mainly working regular hours. But, for us it’s been great because it means that now I’m not working evenings and nights and Charlotte isn’t working days so that we were having difficulties having time when we could sit down and talk, and it meant that every little scrap of time that we did have … we had to put anything else on hold to make sure that we had this down as a priority. Now? Well, now we have evenings so that we have a good couple of hours to do some talking, and if one of us is out over the weekend it isn’t the end of the world.

But! It means that we’re now back into the swing of what we need to be doing, we’re doing some final bits of sorting out over the course of the weekend, making sure that we have people where we need them to be and also the world at large in full, functioning and working order. That our scary places are actually scary and not … brimming full of sunshine and roses, and that those places that are brimming full of sunshine and roses function on an ordinary level. And then there are the animals because hey, it’s a fantasy world we don’t want ordinary cows and the like running around the place.

And that’s honestly pretty fun and actually magical when we start putting these creatures into place. Figuring out their roles in the grand scheme of thing, what they do, if they’re friendly, if they’re the sorts of creatures that would devour you whole and so on and so forth. We have the basis of it all from work we did a couple of months ago when we first put the world into planning, but now we’re into the detail of it and it’s honestly so good to see.

It’s an accomplishment, that actually yes this can work and it will work and more than that we can pull it off. We can watch it flourish and we can watch it grow and we can see what we need, what we’re missing and go from there. With our working hours now more or less the same, it also means that we’re not putting so much pressure on ourselves. We’ve taken a much needed step back and we’re both back to enjoying it as we should be!

All I can say is long may it continue! With luck we’ll be sorted before we know it (yeah, I know, I know we’ve said that one before … but a girl can hope, can’t she?!).

~ Clara

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