The Unexpected

We almost had another blip! I’m very blippy. Not going to lie, Clara is a lot more organised in this department than I am. She will sort out her blog posts in the morning before we get into anything, and [i]then[/i] write. I will allow myself to get distracted into a tonne of different things and then I will sort out a blog post in the evening. Only lately, we’ve had a bit too much fun with films, shows, characters, that it’s just gone entirely out the window. So many years into the making, you’d think my time management skills would have improved a little bit, but they really haven’t. Nor has my attention span. It’s still very feeble and weak, and sparkly things will forever distract me from the things that are actually important. Like my bi-weekly blog post! I will defend myself by saying that a one day delay is still a little better than simply forgetting it entirely.. Right? It’s something..

We’re heading into June like a freight train and I’m pretty much still here debating my new year’s resolutions. Time is flying so fast that I can hardly imagine a time as a child where you’re absolutely squirming for your birthday or christmas to come along. At this point I’m pretty sure that if I blink, the countdown for 2018 will commence. Time is crazy.

What has happened for us this week? For one .. somewhere along this week I made a joke, about genderbending one of my characters. He was a male, but he wasn’t quite there as much as I would’ve liked him to be. He was important to us, important to another one of the big players of our great project and yet there was something missing. This link that just wouldn’t connect, a connection that wouldn’t quite forge in the way we needed it to.

So we made him a her, and magic has happened.

We’re constantly being put in our place. Times we think we know what we’re doing, what our characters are like and all of those little things that make our characters work only to find out we were horribly wrong. We’ve been through the motion of a change of face, age, hair colour, family, partners and even species.. This is however, our first character that we’ve misjudged on gender.  

Personally I think that’s fascinating, because it opened up so many different little plots for us to work with and incorporate, and even make this storyline flow and work better than it did before. It is one of those moments where we were reminded yet again, that we’re not actually in charge of this whole writing business, our characters are!

But when it starts spewing magic like it’s doing for us right now?

Please keep hitting us with the unexpected.



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