So another week’s gone and I’m struggling to keep track of them, because I can’t honestly believe that we’re in May, let alone streaking through it! But this week has carried on in a similar fashion to last week. We’ve finished Hannibal and moved onto Pushing Daisies – for the lighter side of death! And in between times we’re reminiscing over our childhoods of the Harry Potter Films.

And that makes it sound like we really haven’t done a lot. When, actually, we kind of have. We’ve got back into writing, we’ve sorted out a few more of our characters but perhaps, most importantly of all we’ve actually tackled a larger issue. Which is our writing itself. We’ve been writing together now for well over 10 years, and over time we’ve got lazy.  

There, I said it.  

We’ve got lazy with our writing. Although it’s something that we’ve both admitted to one another over the course of this week. We’ve realised that somewhere along the lines we got so comfortable and so complacent that we’ve stopped using words. Because, hey, what’s the point in using this description or that word choice because the other one of us knows exactly what we mean before we’ve even finished said sentence.

It’s not going to be an easy fix, having written this way for so long, it’s something that’s going to take it’s time to work out of us. But, it’s nonetheless we are determined that we will kick it to the curb, and get back the style that we once wrote with. In short, this week has been a lesson on our laziness as writers, about the fact that we don’t necessarily pay attention to the larger world, and proving to us that we need to write with our eyes, our ears and perhaps most importantly our hearts.

After all, if we’re not feeling it as the writers we can’t expect our audience to! And that’s what we’re going to be tackling in the coming weeks, between our binge watching of various television shows or films. But now that we’re aware of it, it’s going to be an easy fix – one where we prod one another constantly to make sure that we’re both on track!

~ Clara

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