Change of scene

We’ve arrived at monday and whilst I’m here I’ve come to the gruelling realisation I forgot our weekly blog post! I will admit to being at least proud, that this is the first time it has occurred to me a day late, and I think Clara has been just as oblivious. But it is the first time we’ve managed to forget, rather than before where it happened far more frequently, or Clara had to chip in for me, leading into a very lonely blogging existence at the end of it all! 

But! While we’re all here.. It’s been a bit of a slow week for us, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been unproductive. Just.. different. Rather than feasting our eyes on the written words of one another, we’ve feasted our eyes on our respective television and computer screens and delved a little further into the wonderful, magical world of television.

From the two dimensional Aladdin showing us the world, to the wonderfully charismatic Groot, who I can relate to every morning before I’ve had my coffee.. I don’t tend to know more than three words at that hour either! From wonder and magic, into a world of serial killers with the show Hannibal, and whilst sleep will always be overrated, I don’t think the two of us have ever been so quiet when watching something. It roped us both in, and we still have a few episodes to go!

But whether it’s for some idle entertainment when our heads are otherwise overflowing, or whether it’s to watch and dissect human interaction, it’s something else we can learn from.. And it’s a lot of fun for us as well.

So there is not much to report on this end, we’ve been a little unproductive but we’re allowed to have our moments from time to time.. And I’m just pleased we both had a burst of this together. A lack of productivity has never been more fun! 


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