We’ve had another great week of writing, and okay it’s been a little slower than our last couple of weeks – but personally I think we deserve the break! We’ve been exploring our world and getting our people to tell our story through their eyes, and suddenly the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. It’s been great to do and see how everything comes alive, and now that we have the basics sorted out we can definitely go in deeper and further.

But we’ve taken a bit of a break this weekend. One where we’ve watched more ills than we’ve written words. But that’s not a bad thing, for us we needed the break and we needed the treat. And the problem comes when we try and try and try again to push on through when our writing brains are exhausted and we’ll land up with a pile of drivel. It’s not going to help anyone, least of all us and especially not our characters!

And okay, it’s not like we’ve done no writing the whole time – because we have – but this was something we needed. A break where we take it together, not worrying if the other is busy writing, but where we can both kick back and enjoy what we’re watching. Lord of the Rings has, of course, been up there – I don’t think you can find a better fantasy adventure film, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! And from there we’ve watched things from Jurassic World to the Lion King. And it’s just been fun.

It’s been refreshing and in some ways inspiring to take that break and to breathe and not have to worry about what we’re doing. Let our brains and our characters recover from our word count total that is now hammering on the door of 100k. And now that we’ve done that, our characters are starting to protest at the fact that they haven’t been exercised and giving us more ideas than sometimes we know what to do with them! But neither of us are about to complain about that!

So it’s a short blog this week, but I’m sure it’ll be business as usual next week! With a couple of days off we’re now going to spend today writing and carving our world out further!

~ Clara

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