Last weekend I was out of the country for a bit with family.. The beauty about Clara and I working together is that a change of country isn’t something that will hold us back. We’re in different countries as we speak. The only difference is that my time on a computer often is limited during those times, and a lot of the exchanges have to be done via phone. Not a big problem. Amusing when it comes to the typo’s though.

She was giving me the most hilarious and embarrassing tour of our progress and it was fun to see how far we’ve come. It’s also funny to think that we thought we were the best thing since sliced bread back then. Who knows, maybe in another 10 years we’ll look back on what we’ve done here and think ‘Oh my, this is the most embarrassing thing ever, and we actually blogged about it’. Cue the earth opening up to swallow us whole.

While she did that, I got to tour around a gorgeous city. The details and intricacy on the buildings kept me marvelling for a full 48 hours, and I don’t tend to whip out my phone for pictures that much, but it barely left my hand for the weekend – I took pictures of everything. From important and impressive structures to ‘oh that building looks pretty’! It was a fun weekend. We need to win the lottery so we can do this all the time, preferably together as well so we can both get the inspirational experiences! Clara, we need to make this happen!

In other news, we’ve tried another new approach to getting things done. We’ve gone back to the essence of what we set out to do. With Clara’s trip down memory lane, we came to realize how much we got done with little to no thinking. Now? We’re over thinking and it’s drawn us to a bit of a halt! So we’ve tried a new approach – back to our roots. It’s already working out a lot better for us and it will be interesting to see where this will lead us!

Also, it would appear I’ve finally caught onto the reading bug that keeps hitting Clara. Currently, I’m reading a book I’ve tried before, but never really managed to get into. Before, I would have read one page but by the time I’d moved onto the next, I would have forgotten what the first was about.  This time not only am I actually getting into it and through it, but I’m also really enjoying it! One of those moments where again, Clara has been a very good influence on me. What kind of writer would I become, if I didn’t read? I’ve learned to put aside a little bit of time each day for it, and I’ll say.. I really love it.


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