‘It’s a kinda Magic!’

This week has honestly been a bit of a disaster for me. Anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. It’s just been one of those, and the prospect of spending a weekend writing was something that was a little like … after this week? This so isn’t going to happen, may as well write the weekend off and start over again next week.

And that was where I was wrong. This week might have been a disaster, but honestly whatever disaster had befallen this week was soon enough shoved out of sight by this weekend. A weekend where, for once, we have taken a blank page and turned it into something magical – even if I do say so myself. It’s something exciting, something that gives us both hope and something that we can both work and learn from.
So we’ve made magic this weekend. And honestly, that’s the beauty of writing you can shut yourself away and lose yourself in your own little world and your own universe. A world and a universe that you have created, with your rules and your laws that have set out the how’s and what’s of the things that can and will happen. There’s something inherently satisfying in seeing that taking shape and learning to apply the rules to x, y and z.

Even when sometimes those x, y and z takes an unexpected or unpredictable turn of events. There’s something magical about it, in that moment of ‘OH!’ As suddenly, suddenly the figurative light bulb shimmers over our heads in that eureka moment. Because wow, this all works, and you know that person? The one that never said boo to a goose? Yeah, that one. Suddenly they work. And I don’t just mean work as in they’re causally saying more than two words, but they’re chatty. They are speaking in full sentences, complete with arm animations and facial expressions.

Which is honestly the sort of magic that we’ve been making this weekend. We’ve found a few more weak spots, and we’ve plugged those gaps and we’ve sorted them out. We’ve married off one of our characters who has found their missing piece. Other characters? Well, they’ve just found ways to make themselves more chatty, more bossy to the point where it is tempting to see if we could just … kill them, and we probably would if it would rid us of that problem. But, alas, with those characters we know full well that they would come back and haunt us.

Give us nightmares. Wake us up in the middle of the night with that ‘so, you know you killed me … well, turns out that I am crucial to your plot, and unless you give me back my life, everything’s going to fall apart.’ Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

But, by the end of this weekend we’ll have made some excellent progress and honestly? For all the rubbish that this week has been, this weekend has more than made up for it. We find that sometimes, we have rubbish, sucky weeks and suddenly the weekend comes where one or other of us might feel a bit … bleh, this so isn’t going to work out. And yet, somehow, somehow it’s where our best magic is made.

And that’s what the weekend is for: magic making. And I, for one, enjoy this sort of weekend magic far too much to let a bad week get me down! This weekend, really, is what Charlotte and I both aspire towards when we sit down at the start of a weekend. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and sometimes, sometimes it is as magical as this one has been!


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