The fun part about working together, is that the other person can from time to time be a bit of a wild card. 99% of the time we’re in tune, we know what we want and we’re on the same page for it as well. We know how to voice it, put it into play, and get it going. Other times we’re stuck but we can bounce ideas off of one another and bring it to the next level. That 1%? Total wild card. We both have our characters that we love, cherish, or even hate and despise. We have characters that have been with us from day one, and characters that are new but oh so chatty and ready to get going. Then there’s that 1% coming into play, when you come across a character and it’s like.. Is that one yours? Mine? Really? But.. What does he or she even do.

Which has been the project of this week. It has been a bit of a slow one but to make sure we have everything in place, we need to take our time. We need to make sure that the people we have, are actually the people we need.. And not the people we want because they’ve been here since day one so obviously, they should be a part of it. That is not how this works, one of the many lessons we’ve learned along the way.

And we will keep learning as we go. We are currently reviewing our characters individually, and once that is done we will go over it together. That way whatever question marks I have with some of Clara’s characters, she can answer. And in turn whatever question marks she might have with mine, I can share with her my insight on them. We will be able to sit down and ask ourselves if these are the characters that we want, and if they’re the ones that we need.

That way we will get each other back on that 100%. Dismiss any of the wildcards that might still be in play, and make sure neither of us run into a wall of oblivion when one of those wildcards gets brought in, and we don’t know how to respond to them. This way, we will ensure we have what we need to move forward, and hopefully minimise the risk of running into some major traps along the way!

Although that being said.. What fun would being a writer be without these little traps? Without the occasional wild card? We wouldn’t want to risk getting complacent with our characters…

Until next time,



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