Never a dull moment

We’re halfway through January, and tying up the loose ends of December. As always we run across the issue that whenever we set out to do something, different things happen and whatever goals we had then, had to be carried over. I for one am definitely still learning a little something about time management! Which is one of my many resolutions for 2017, and might just become the only one I will actually achieve this year over the other ones! In any case, the last loose ends are being tied up as we speak, and as I’m writing this we’re discussing plots and plans and movements of some of our characters so that when the time comes at the end of next week, we know where we’re going, what we’re doing, and who – out of our many, many brainchildren – we’re doing it with.

Which is really exciting. We’re at the place now where we know who we need to move forward, and what path we intend to follow. Or well.. we’ve decided where to go, and of course our characters will fill in the gaps. We’ve long since learned that if we tell them to go one way, they will go the other. Basically we’re not even sure if our end game is going to be the ultimate end game because working together, and with this many brainchildren? Ideas come and go, and plottwists lurk absolutely everywhere. They’re not even lurking, they’re just there like yes, I am going to ruin your day by throwing a plottwist your way and undoing everything you’ve ever done. Fairly certain as soon as we start, and we go to bed on day one our brains will leap into action with a ‘but what if..?’ and bring us right back to the drawing board!

But even those pesky buggers we’ve needed to get to where we are now, again in a place where we’re fooled into thinking we have all that we need now. We’re heading for another solid try. So we can put our thoughts and ideas to actual work, and doing what the both of us love to do most. Which is to write, to explore, to learn more about this world that we’ve created, a little more each day.

For now we’re still happily throwing ourselves at the last of the running issues that we’ve been having.. Or even issues we didn’t know were there, but resurfaced over time. One thing can be said for sure though.. With these characters? There is never a dull moment.


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