Quiet, too quiet

It hasn’t been a very interesting week for us. Which, probably sounds bad. It’s not like we haven’t been doing anything, not at all. But everything we have been doing this past week has been things we’ve previously blogged about. We’ve gone back to sorting, reading, shaping our world and the things in it. Ranging from people to the design of the realms, to the creatures that roam it.

We’ve asked some of the needed questions and figured out the answers to them, but to say anything absolutely mind blowing occurred in this week? No, as I’m writing this we’re in the middle of being ‘on a roll’, one of those rare – very rare – moments where we’re both here, the distractions are limited, and we get to focus on what it is we’re doing here. It means we’re breezing through documents, sorting through the madness, and creating order out of chaos in .. essentially no time at all.

It makes a nice change, which is why this week’s blog will be a short one. I will hopefully be able to come back to you next week with some more developments, but for now I wish you a very happy weekend, or what is left of it, and I do hope you will check back in next week to see what is new. Who knows, the moment I post this….

All hell might break loose.

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