Clara has been so nice to cover the last three blogs, it’s time to play catch up! I’ve been having a bit of a social life, between my weekend away and .. well last week both of us kind of forgot. We got so wrapped up in the heat of sorting this whole magic business that it just.. Escaped both of us. By the time we remembered that this blog needed a little love and attention, Clara had my back. As she always does because we’re a team!

We’ve recently been working on the millions of questions that have been piping up over the course of time. From time to time we come to the conclusion that perhaps we don’t have all of the answers that we need just yet, and when we take our time to ask a question, five more take it’s place. Honestly? It’s exhausting. Whenever we think we’re done, there’s a million other tiny things piping up to tell us we’re far from it. Little by little the world is taking it’s shape, the way we want it to, but sometimes both of us have different ideas of what we want, and we have to come up with a middle ground for us to work with.

We often like to think that we have it all down, but even answered questions change over time. Something we decided on three weeks ago is now no longer relevant. Everything changes, and often at that, but it works out, usually for the best! It just gives us these weekends where all we do is sort. Sort through the madness, the chaos, with our hands in our hair threatening to pull them out when we’re trying to get this all somewhere but it isn’t moving forward. A little exhausting sometimes, but in the long run it will be more than worth it.

For now we’re still in the middle of another fun batch of sorting. You’re probably getting tired of reading about our sorting escapades.. But then this is what we need to do. There are so many aspects of our world that we need to figure out. To make sure the both of us are on the same page, to make sure we have the correct power balances going for us.. It’s a lot of hard work, and a lot of weekends that we have we will keep on spending making sure that we have found and dealt with all of the flaws in our system.. And make it a world to remember.

For now this is all I have to report to you.. But you will get to have me for two more weeks as I play catch up! So stay tuned for next week’s rambling mess of a blog post!

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