Sometimes, between the thick haze of excitement, enthusiasm, dedication and general motivation to expand and grow our world, even we sometimes get a little bit carried away. You start with an idea, you start with a few characters, before you know it you find out that you have too many traders going that way, and did we have a ruler for this realm? Do you honestly think he is going to listen to that person as his advisor? Or should we make use of the tavern more, maybe change it up a little as we have that in other places as well, and it’s just not going to play a part.

But in the meantime, for that one tavern you’ve created an owner, with a wife, two children, and partners for said children because let’s face it, no one wants to be alone. Not really. But when that one idea of a tavern gets scrapped you’re left with 6(!) people, all made in correspondence with one another, who are removed because they’re not such a big part of the story after all.

This is where we’re at right now, with a whole host of characters, some important, some we didn’t think were important that have turned out to be quite a necessity in all of this. All in all, we’ve been wiping our slate clean, picking out the weak amongst the strong, the useless amongst the necessary, and the chatty amongst the quiet. We have to be harsh at times like these, and it’s not always easy to do so. No matter how big or small a voice, it’s there, it’s with you. You’ve thought of someone, you’ve built them up, you’ve looked into their faces and seen their smiles. It’s never easy to get rid of someone, and yet sometimes, we have to, to keep the story moving, to keep the momentum of what we’re doing,. Just to make sure we don’t come to a point where we’ve build up a character, made him or her their own person, only for us to neglect them because to the story, they’re just not that significant.

What this means for us is that this past week we’ve held off on the actual writing. Which.. Is also easier said than done, and not something our characters always take too kindly to! But while we still have some people to sort out, which could potentially alter things we’re working on now, it’s had a bit of a break. Unfortunately, between our jobs, we have little to no time to sit down and get to work on this, to tackle this together. If we could, it would have been done by now.

These are the things that from time to time make us struggle, and that sometimes holds us back a little more than we would wish for it to, but we will get there. We always do. And once this weekend is over and done with we will return to work the next week, content, happy and knowing that even if a week’s worth of production has not been all we’d wished it to be, our world and our work will be all the better for it.

Have a good weekend! Or what is left of it anyway.. Anyone agree with us that they should be longer than just two days?

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