I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a little uninspired when it comes to blogging. Truth of the matter is that we don’t have too much to share when it comes to development. We’re constantly working on improving our world, on shaping it. Little by little more of the elements that will make our world come to life are starting to come together. We’re dealing with great leaps of progress, but also times when the two of us have our hands in our hair, and wondering what the hell we’re doing, and if it’s too late to go for a sci fi alien space battle story. Though knowing our luck, if we did such a thing we’d spent the next five years exploring all of the little galaxies and stars to name and shape. Not to mention the planets!

We have days where we’re in sync entirely, where things flow, they come together, and everything works wonderfully. We also have times where we seem to be unable to voice what it is we’re envisioning, and that can sometimes be frustrating for us. We get there in the end, but sometimes it takes up more time than we’d like it to. All in all and at the end of the day we can lay our heads down and be assured that what we’ve been working on, is getting a little bit better with each discussion, simple or complex.

We revised Magic again this weekend, which was.. Intense. Magic in our world, to get every aspect of it done and done right, it’s going to take time. This is our second talk, and I’m sure there will be many more to follow, just making sure we have it down right. That we have a system that works, that doesn’t make our people too overpowered, but also doesn’t underwhelm in a magical world. That fine balance is something we’re searching for. Creating that balance within the people in the realms, or even in the breeds within those realms. While at the same time maintaining something that remains within reach for us here, in the normal world. We want to create a world to lose yourself in, a familiar one and yet one far more magical than you could imagine. A world that is different in every sense, but one you can visualise.

Sounds complicated? Oh trust me, we know.

Even if one question answered opens up five new ones – yes, it’s still doing that, pesky thing! All in all we’re still going. We’ll keep hating the mondays for disrupting the workflow between the two of us, and we’ll carry on welcoming the Friday, which is really just the gentle mistress that eases us back into it all. Just so Saturday and Sunday can race by and have us chasing the facts yet again.

Hello Monday, my old friend.

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